June 26th-29th, Val di Rabbi, ItalyTL;DR: Unplug 2019. June 26th-29th. The best people in crypto. Unplug.vc invites you to join us. Unplug retreats have been held for almost two years. Since almost two years, Unplug retreats have been held. People sleeping on top of mountains, in an old mountain refuge. It still feels a bit reckless, but it was all worth it.We’ve now had attendees from the best funds, companies and projects in the crypto space.But more importantly, we’ve witnessed many new relationships blossom: companies being co-founded, projects receiving investments, funds hiring employees, and much more.You can see the video recap here:https://medium.com/media/c2f93c0e4d04b6c6784407afb98c412c/hrefAnd also of the two previous ones:https://medium.com/media/dd5d3f30a7a494c6ffbaf2288276fc68/hrefhttps://medium.com/media/8262d6a7b2cebf4f405b3ce2929d429b/hrefUnplug 2019This year, we will continue in the same vein, and keeping all the small things that have worked so well.Like all the other events, this one will be in a completely new area and all new structures, so as to make it interesting also for the strong community of returning alumni.We are lowering the size to a more manageable 80 attendees, and still keeping it invite-only. We understand that the event’s main value is the curation of attendees. This year, we will have the most difficult hike yet, with 1000m of vertical climb. Professional mountain guides will determine if someone is able to take part in the trek. I have to say that I am looking forward to this one! You can apply at unplug.vc to be part of the 2019 Unplug Retreat.



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